From her childhood, Dedra knew there was something different about the way she viewed life. Raised on a farm, she had a wide-eyed wonder when it came to nature. Unfortunately, childhood eczema ended her outdoor explorations, and she found herself confined mostly to the indoors for the next decade. During those years she developed a knack for storytelling and making people laugh.


Upon graduating from The Art Institute of Atlanta with a degree in Music Entertainment and Management, Dedra quickly landed a job behind the reception desk, and soon the microphone, at a local radio station in her hometown of Winder, Georgia. It was there that the once shy and reserved young woman found her comfort zone; she enjoyed  20+ year career in radio broadcasting. 


Near what Dedra would later find was the end of her broadcasting career, she struggled with overwhelming restlessness, both emotionally and professionally. Now that eczema was behind her and high blood pressure was in front of her, she knew that the gym was the right place to blow off steam. Over the next five years, Dedra lost 50 lbs and gained a new body image, along with a love for exercise! Yoga was where she felt the most empowered and relaxed, but she didn't have any idea that love would soon launch her into a new career. In 2012, at the insistence of the gym's manager, Dedra began exploring her options to become a fitness instructor. A Zumba certification was first, and resignation from her job came later that year.


In 2013, Dedra's mother was diagnosed with triple-negative metastatic breast cancer. Unemployed and now financially unstable, Dedra moved in with her parents to help care for her mother while trying to figure out her next steps. With a yoga certificate and certification in group fitness now added to her resume, she was hired as a yoga instructor at the gym where she was a member. As she built her clientele, Dedra was in a car accident involving a drunk driver. For the next 12 months, Dedra endured several massage, physical therapy and chiropractic appointments. Once again, she was struggling to earn a paycheck and the gym's owner introduced her to a supplement, Isotonix OPC-3. Desperate to find relief from the pain she suffered from the accident, Dedra not only began taking the supplements, she began presenting them during demos at the gym. While her body continued to recover, she became the Group Fitness Manager and Wellness Supervisor for 4 of the gyms' locations. 


The next year, Dedra's mother passed away and she again found herself emotionally burdened. This time was different; her body was in constant pain and fatigue, unrelated to the car accident from the prior year. In 2015, Dedra was dealt with many diagnoses just as she began pursuing opportunities to teach yoga again. Now with adrenal burnout, hypothyroidism, coronary artery disease and a rare autoimmune condition affecting the blood vessels of her skin, she REFUSED to become a victim. Seeking help from several doctors and naturopaths specializing in her ailments, Dedra began the long process of regaining her health. 


Fascinated with natural medicine, food, supplements and the body’s ability to heal itself, Dedra knew there had to be a mind-body connection. Her family history of 8 people (male and female) on both sides of her family being diagnosed with breast cancer, she set her mind to learn as much as she could about ways to help others suffering, not only from cancer, but also from what she had personally dealt with. As her own journey continued, Dedra began reaching out and sharing her story in an effort to help other women. From 2015-2017, Dedra earned certifications in Breast Cancer Recovery from the Cancer Training Institute, Stress Management from the University of Central Florida and Fitness Nutrition from the American Council on Exercise.


Dedra now works with clients experiencing anxiety, restlessness, and offers workshops for teens and adults dealing with emotional stress. Her career has evolved, but her mission is the same; to reach as many as she can who need to know how to turn their adversities into assets!


March 2014 - present


October 2015 - Present


July 1992 - Present