I started taking yoga classes at DeStress 101 to help me get more toned and limber. I've been coming about about once a week, and I'm already seeing a difference in the way I feel in my body. I'm getting more toned and I'm relaxing better. I can't wait to see how much more flexible I'm going to get! I know it'll help me move around and get up and down more easily.

yoga student, Janis

"I've had breathing problems for years. After just a couple of months, my lung capacity increased along with the oxygen levels in my bloodstream. Dedra is like no yoga instructor I've ever had. She helps people be their best without stress and with her we realize our potential is limitless!"

yoga student, Melinda

"I originally came to De-Stress 101 just to relieve stress. In the year that I've been coming, I've done just that! I sleep great now, too. I even met some wonderful new friends in class. I look forward to getting even stronger and becoming more flexible within my yoga practice."

yoga student, Shannon

I need better flexibility and muscle tone. Since attending De-Stress 101, I can tell the difference in my upper body strength and range of motion by simply practicing one day a week. I look forward to getting firmer muscles in my mid-core and glutes as well over the next six months.”

yoga student, Anita

My doctor recommended yoga to me post-surgery. I was completely new to yoga, but since I started I have improved my balance and flexibility. I even do breathing exercises at home and in traffic! I've come a long way, but in the next few months, I expect to gain even more strength in my core muscles.”

yoga student, April